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Bruce Bartlow, MD, FACP - Extended Curriculum Vitae

(Biography) Bruce Bartlow, MD
Present Academic Rank

Clinical Professor, Univ. of CA at Davis, Dept. of Family Practice
Chairman, Biomedical Ethics, Redding Med. Center, Redding, CA

Kidney Foundation Fellowship, Rush-Presbyterian
St.Luke’s Med. Ctr., Chicago, IL
Fellowship, Nephrology, Rush-Presbyterian
St.Luke’s Med. Ctr., Chicago, IL
U.S.Army 3rd General Dispensary, Karlsruhe, W.Germany
Residency, Internal Medicine, Rush-Presbyterian
St. Luke’s Med. Ctr., Chicago, IL
Internship, Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
Northwestern University Med., Chicago, IL
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Certification - Board Certified in

Nov 5, 1991
Critical Care #48410
June 17, 1980
Nephrology #48410
June 19, 1974
Internal Medicine #48410
Medical Licensure


UCSF Family Practice, San Francisco
Outstanding Clinical Instructor, Children’s Hospital, San Francisco
Military Service

US Army, 3rd General Dispensary, Karlsruhe, W.Germany

Medical Staff
  • Children’s Hospital SF - 1979-83
  • Mt.Zion Hospital, SF - 1979-95
  • Ralph K.Davies, SF - 1979-95
  • Pacific Med. Ctr. Renal Transplant - 1980-83
  • El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA - 1983-84
  • St.Luke’s Hospital, SF - 1986-95
  • Pacific Med. Ctr. Nephrology - 1987-95
  • Redding Med. Ctr., Redding, CA - 1995-present
  • Mercy Med. Ctr., Redding, CA - 1995-present
  • TRC/DaVita Dialysis - 1995-present
Clinical Faculty
  • UCSF Medical - 1991-95
  • UC Davis Medical - 1999-Present
Medical Director
  • Medical Volunteers International, Tokar, Sudan - 1984-86
  • Intensive Care, St.Luke’s Hospital, SF - 1991-95
  • St.Luke’s Subacute Unit, SF - 1992-95
Associate Director
  • TRC dialysis, Redding - 1997-present
Teaching Positions

  • Northwestern University Med. - 1968
Internal Medicine
  • Rush-Presbyterian St.Luke's - 1972-74
  • Rush-Presbyterian - 1978-79
  • Internal Medicine, Children’s SF - 1980-81
  • Internal Medicine, Valley Med. Ctr., Santa Clara, CA - 1980-81
Family Practice
  • (Critical Care), UCSF - 1991-95
  • (Primary Care), UC Davis - 1998- present
Committee Memberships

Children’s Hospital SF
  • Hemodialysis - 1981-83
  • Parenteral Nutrition - 1981-83
  • Antibiotic Utilization - 1982-83
Pacific Med Center SF
  • Utilization Review - 1982-83
El Camino, Mountain View
  • Hyperalimentation - 1982-84
St. Luke’s, SF
  • Medical Records - 1987-95
  • Special Care - 1991-95
  • Vice Chief of Staff - 1991-92
  • Board of Directors - 1991-92
  • Medical M&M Conference - 1988-95
Redding Med. Ctr., Redding
  • Ethics - 1995
Mercy Med. Ctr., Redding
  • Ethics - 1995-98
Vice President
  • Board of Directors, Transpacific Renal Network - 2004
Other Committee Memberships

  • Infection Control
  • Ethics
  • Nutrition
  • Resource Management
  • Ethics Leadership, Catholic Healthcare West
  • Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees, San Francisco Med. Society
  • Infection Control
  • Critical Care
  • Credentials
  • TRC Dialysis CQI
  • Vice-Chair, Transpacific Renal Network, 2004
  • Transpacific Renal Coalition, 2005
  • MMC Palliative Care Committee, 2005

  • Alpha Omega Alpha
  • San Francisco Medical Society
  • American College of Physicians
  • AMA
  • CMA
  • Shasta County Medical Society
  • American Society of Nephrology
  • International Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics
  • Transpacific Renal Network

  • Pillsbury Foundation Fellowship
  • National Kidney Foundation, Research Fellow
  • Rush-Presbyterian Institutional Grant
  • Robert M. Kark Award, Clinical Research
  • Nephrology Research Fund Grant, Pacific Med. Ctr.
  • Medical Volunteers International, Medical Director

  • Chicago Maternity Center, home obstetrics, perinatal prenatal, Chicago
  • Extern, Hopital Clinico de Madrid, Spain
  • Development and Implementation of Maternal/Child Welfare Project, Tokar, Sudan

  • Spanish, fluent
  • French, German, passable

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Bartlow BG, Oyama JH, Ing TS, Miller AW, Economou SG, Rennie IDB, Lewis EJ: Glomerular ultrastructural abnormalities in a patient with mixed IgG-IgM essential cryoglobulinemic glomerulonephritis. Nephron 14:309-319, 1975

Bartlow BG, Roberts JL, Lewis EJ: Identification of a non-immunoglobulin C3 nephritic factor (C3NeF) with C3b-inactivator (C3bINA) accelerator (B1H). Clin Res 26:373A, 1978

Bartlow BG, Roberts JL, Lewis EJ: A non-immunoglobulin C3 activating factor in membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis. Kidney International 15:294-302, 1980

Roberts JL, Levy M, Chioros PG, Bartlow BG, Forristal J, West CD, Habib R, Lewis EJ: A serum C3-activating factor: its characterization and its presence in glomerular deposits. J Immunol 127:1131-37, 1981

El Camino Hospital Nutrition Support Manual, 1984

Bartlow BG: What next for famine-ravaged Africa? Chicago Sun-Times Jan 35, 1987

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Bartlow BG: We must start to ration life on the respirator. San Francisco Chronicle p.A-21, June 22, 1994

Futility Guidelines, Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees, San Francisco Med Society, 1994.

Bartlow BG: Who wants to stop futile care? San Francisco Med Society Journal Oct 1994

Bartlow BG: Leaving San Francisco. San Francisco Med Society Journal Oct 1996

Bartlow BG: Medical Care of the Soul. Johnson Books, Boulder, Colo. 2000

Bartlow BG: Healing the End of Life. Am Coll Chest Phys, ACCP-CA, Oct 2000

Bartlow, BG: Why Am I Here?, Oct 1, 2000

Bartlow, BG: Final Gifts, American Kidney Fund on-line journal, 10/01

Bartlow, BG: Series on end-of-life issues, “The Valley News,” Shingletown, CA

Bartlow, BG: From Here to Eternity: How do physicians learn to let go? Part 1, Nephrology News & Issues July 2003, part 2 August 2003

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Bartlow, BG: From Here to Eternity: How do Physicians Learn to Let Go? Nephrology News and Issues, July, 2003

Bartlow, BG: Parting Gifts. What Begins when Technology Ends. Nephrology News and Issues, Sep 2003

Bartlow, BG: A Death in the Island. Nephrology Incite. Feb, 2005

Bartlow, BG: The Spirit in the Empty Chair. iKidney, Feb, 2005

Bartlow, BG: Who Has Rights, Anyway? Neph News and Issues 19-5:45-48, Apr, 2005

Bartlow, BG: Terry Schiavo in the Temple of Doom. iKidney, Jun, 2005

Bartlow, BG: End of Life: Lessons learned from Terri Schiavo. Neph News and Issues 19-6: June, 2005

Bartlow, BG: Letters from the Dialysis Front: Further dialogue on end-of-life matters. Ikidney, July, 2005

Bartlow, BG: Jerry and Denise: Two Lives and a Death Well Lived. Neph News and Issues 19-8:Aug, 2005


Am Kidney Association, “A non-IgG C3NeF”, New Orleans 1979

Morbidity and Mortality Conference, St.Luke’s Hospital SF, monthly 1989-1994

Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees, SF Med Soc, 7/22/94: “Futility of Care Guidelines.”

St.Luke’s Hospital, 1994: CPR Outcomes and the Realities of end-of-life support.

St.Luke’s Hospital, 1994: Shock

Resuscitation III, IV, V Conference, Redding Med Center, Redding, CA Oct 1995: Realities and Practice of End-of-Life Decisions, 1995-97

Advance Directives. Multiple community groups, 1994-present

End-of-Life decisions, San Francisco Commonwealth Club, 1994

“Good Death/Bad Death,” Mercy Medical Center, Redding, 1997

“A brief history and future of end-of-life discussions,” Stanford University, 2/5/98

“Medical Care of the Soul,” Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees, 2/4/98

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“Medical Care of the Soul,”

California Society of Respiratory and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Tahoe, CA, May 29, 1999
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KARA Conference, VA Hospice, Palo Alto, CA, Feb 1999
Erskine Overnight radio, Oct 4, 2000
Jefferson Public Radio, Oct 10, 2000
Southern Oregon Public Television, Oct 10, 2000
Shreveport, LA radio, Oct 20, 2000
KUSP radio, Nov 27, 2000
1st International Conference on Men’s and Women’s Health at Midlife, Dec 2, 2001
Baptist Health Systems Ethics Symposium, San Antonio, Tx, May 2001
Brooks Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Tx, May 2001
Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA 5/23/02
AMA Ethics and Legal Section, Chicago, IL, June 21, 2001
American Kidney Fund, Chicago, IL, Jun 22, 2001
Washington, DC, Sept 23, 2001
Atlanta, GA, 11/05/01
Sacramento, CA 5/22/02
New York, NY 9/13/02
Los Angeles, 11/6/03
Texas/Southeastern ESRD Network, Dallas, 10/20/02
Bay Area ESRD Network, Oakland, CA, 11/15/02
Southeastern ESRD Network, Tampa, FL, 11/22/02
NKF, San Francisco, CA and Sacramento, CA, 2/20-21/03
Transplant Bank of Northern CA, Redding, CA, 4/12/03
National Kidney Foundation, So. Cal, Los Angeles, 9/13/03
Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA, 10/22/03
Sacramento, CA ANNA 9/24/04 San Luis Obispo, CA 2/2/05
California Dialysis Council, 11/15/04
San Luis Obispo, CA 2/2/05
Annual Pain Conference, Yreka, CA 9/17/05, 9/15/06
Annual Dialysis Conference, San Francisco, 2/27/06
Denver, CO, 2/20/07

Advance Directives

Grieving and Bereavement

California Pacific Medical Center Transplant Meeting:

Modesto, CA 9/13/05
Rockland, CA 2/28/06 Santa Clara, CA 3/28/06
Modesto, CA 9/19/06

ESRD End-of-life Care, Sacramento, CA 3/31/04
Seattle, WA 3/18/04

ESRD Management of the Difficult Patient, Sacramento, CA 3/31/04

Vein Preservation for AVF, Mercy Med Ctr, Redding, CA 3/06

Nephrology update, Mercy Med Ctr, Redding, CA 5/06

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Red Bluff, CA 9/06

Additional Ethics Activities

Established monthly multi-disciplinary ethics workshop at Redding Med Center for education, policy development and group ventilation.

Established Ethics Consultative Group, Redding Medical Center, 1995.

Outlined protocols for CQI-formatted investigation of institutional compliance with patients’ advance directive wishes, leading toward mandatory AD inquiry and confirmation at time of admission. Ethics Leadership Group, Catholic Healthcare West, Sacramento, CA, 1996.

Guidelines for Institutional Response to Physician Refusal to treat HIV/HepC patients. Redding Medical Center, 1996.

UC San Diego Symposium on Futile Care, 2/20/98

Bereavement, Redding Medical Center, Jan, 2000

Access to Mental Health Services, Shasta/Trinity/Tehama County, Feb-June, 2001

Transpacific Renal Network Working Group, “Patients who Try Our Patience”, Half-Moon Bay, CA, 10/05/02: Principal presentor/facilitator, Ethics of Termination of Dialysis for Dangerous Patients.

In Progress

“Healing in Times of Trouble,” with Joni Walton: Experiences and writings of those who’ve been through end-of-life experiences – the dying, the surviving, the wounded and the transformed.

“Khadija, an African Romance of Islam and the West”


“Junkyard Dog”