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Bruce G. Bartlow, MD FACP

Dr. Bartlow is the group's founder and has been practicing medicine since 1971. He is an eloquent speaker, prolific writer and dynamic trainer. He enjoys the outdoors: biking in the summer and snow skiing in the winter. It's not unusual to catch sight of him bicycling between home, office and hospital. He's even been spotted dancing with his wife, Debi. He's a devoted father and active in the community. His national workshops have led to the publication of "Medical Care of the Soul," and the upcoming "Healing in Times of Trouble."

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Jeffrey B. Krahling, MD PhD

After many years as an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Krahling left New Mexico to join Dr. Bartlow as the second member of the group. He is a strong leader within the group and the medical community as well as a vocal patient transplant advocate and excellent diagnostician. It’s possible in the early morning hours to see him jogging near his home or stalking big game in the Canadian forests each fall. He enjoys being at play with his sons, woodworking and making long bows for another of his hobbies – archery.

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Rafael Lupercio, MD

Dr. Lupercio joined the practice in 2002 after 3 years as an assistant professor at UC Davis and a 3 year fellowship in Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine. He has a generous nature – doing whatever it takes to care for his patients in and out of the hospital. He is an accomplished community speaker, soccer player and occasional musician. He is an enthusiastic professional soccer fan and a regular at his children’s soccer games. Relaxation often comes in the form of hiking and bicycling with his son and dog.

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Sriram Sambasivan, MD

Everyone knows him as Dr. Sam. As the winner of many awards, he is well respected by his peers. Kind, compassionate and soft spoken he is adored by his patients. He is fascinated by technology from computers to music downloads to digital photography. His wife and sons have inspired many touching and beautiful photographs.

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